Thursday, February 05, 2009

Entering February

5 Feb.
I am not dead yet. I am just bored of this rainy weather with not much to write about. Finally yesterday, even with the muddy, mucky ground, I ventured out into the vineyard to scrape away the mud from our vines. I finished 5 rows before wearing out. It is time to get back into work shape. After clearing the porto innesto which is where the american rootstock is grafted to the vinis vinifera, we will tie each one to its metal tutor, then later prune each vine down to one branch with 2 or 3 buds each. It will be a springtime full of work outdoors if it will just stay dry for a bit.
On a more fun note, we had a visit from our friends Rebecca (from our masters) and Marco on Sunday and had a nice meal near Ancona at a little osteria before returning to Nascondiglio di Bacco for another meal of gnocchi made with ricotta, the stuffed olives of Ascoli and pistachio ice cream and kiwi/champagne sorbet for dessert. It was great to see them and I expect in a year or less to be able to post information on Rebecca's new tourism business. She will be a great resource for anyone planning a trip to Italy or Switzerland!
Yesterday evening, we utilized our best modern winemaking skills to empty the stainless steel tank of the montepulciano wine to remove the sediment, then using buckets, we refilled it again after washing out that debris.
It is really tannic right now, but if our 2007 is any indication, after a year it will mellow a bit.
We are planning a Valentine's day package for anyone who wants to come over for the special weekend. Last year we had no takers, but we are hopeful our bribes will work this time. Check out under last minute for the details. The week following is one of the biggest tourism fairs in the world in Milan and we are hoping to attend. I am looking for a dogsitter for Bacco and think maybe he can stay with our agronomist for a couple of days.
Here are pix of our winemaking. Come try out the end result this summer! Sorry the second one it out of focus, but it was too funny not to put in there.

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