Sunday, March 22, 2009

Parental warning!

22 Marzo
Just a quick post before I head back to the USA to start the visa battle again. This week has seen a significant weather change, starting in the 60's and sun and ending in the 30's and snowflakes. I was tractoring, hoeing, affixing the tutors to the cables and chasing around Ascoli trying to get my car license (now April 7?) and my nulla osta from the questura, the most important document to take to the consulate in Chicago. I like to have things done a bit more ahead of time, but like Il Signore, their time is not my time ( a bad paraphrase, I know).
Now for the part where you need to tell the children to leave. My own sweet Bacco is now a bunny killer! He likes to walk up and down the rows as the tractor does its work and found a baby bunny which escaped the weed cover only to find his killer jaws. He is a retriever with a soft mouth and didn't eat the rabbit, just toted it around and played with it until it had a heart attack. Anyway, Raffaele buried it and it will help fertilize the pecorino.
I forgot to recount the day when I was by myself hoeing the Cab. Franc and down in the valley I saw 4 rabbits chasing each other in a game of coniglio tag. We get those litlle moments now and then and springtime is arriving, so things are green and flowering.
The lawn is seeded, the potatoes are planted along with 2 new apple trees. When I get back it will be time to plant a couple of apricot trees as well.
I am looking forward to a week and a half of english, hoping for the best with my visa as last year's mistake has become quite expensive. Having given up cynicism for Lent, I am just thinking of this as my long awaited ski trip.


adrian said...

Bad Bacco! Bad! But retrievers do as they do I suppose.

I am leaving Reggio sucks, ok? I am taking back my old job in Modena in ten days. And it'll be easier to get to NDB from Modena. Wondering if you're around NDB the weekend of April 4-5th? It's my birthday that weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dwight, great to see your site, would love to hear your take on Christian life in USA.


ERichSweeney said...

Pooooooor Bunny. That Bacco, he looks like such a fine upstanding dog. Hee hee. Charlie is no better having dug up a nest of mice last week, killing its occupants and bringing them proudly into the house for Kevin and me. Oh Joy!

We are counting down the days until we see you and your lovely home Dwight! Is there anything you need/want that we can bring you...legally...from the US?