Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thanks Caymus, Buon compleanno KR, mushroom hunting in the Sibillini mts

14 Luglio
Here I am listening to Grand Funk Railroad's "Black Licorice" and felt I had to write this post just to thank Caymus vineyards for the 1994 Cabernet I just drank. What a nice wine with the lamb shoulder I cooked. I remember when I bought it, I purchased 6 bottles which was extremely unusual for me. This one survived the division of wines in my split and 15 years of age and is still wonderful. Unfortunately, this one is the last of the 6.
I also am showing our little mushroom hunt in the Sibillini mts where we harvested 15 kg of wild and huge mt. mushrooms. I am learning which are good to eat and which are puff balls. Haven't found any of the hallucinogenic type just yet :)
We have had a couple from Pennsylvania, another from Holland and a third from Denmark with an italian couple to finish, so english has been the preferred language here at Nascondiglio di Bacco.
Also, we have arrived at day 4 of proper swimming pool function. At one week, I think we have to open the champagne.
The "Pool guy" had the nerve to tell me he had just spent 800 euros to reline the little pool which has leaked off and on the past year. Did I feel sad?
PS, Happy birthday Kevin, YOF.... and to all who have our life experience from 1957 to now, what can we say, we are still young.


adrian said...

What did you think of the U2 show at San Siro last week?

Dwight said...

Look at the following blog post... it was one of the best i have ever seen.