Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday surprise and Osteria La Rosa dei Venti, 1st photo of Bacco's love child

16 Agosto
Raffaele surprised me on my birthday with a dinner catered by La Mattra and a cake with a picture of a peasant farmer which was really a hunter-i pretended. He also did all the work on the 14th, so I had a vacation day, which was extremely nice!
I finally snuck a photo of Bacco's son, a spittin image but with a white apron. I hope the owners treat him better than they do the mamma who is tied to a chain all day.
I tried out one of the best osterias in Ascoli Piceno the other night and was treated very well by the owners of La Rosa dei Venti in Ortezzana, about 35 minutes north of us. With a bit of a drive one can dine at a different level with creative presentations and dishes mixing traditional ingredients with modern techniques.
We are completely full for the vacation season and as the vineyard is now on autopilot, we can concentrate on the B and B..
I will add a bit more later.

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Biancifiore said...

ciao dwight,
mi dispiace che non siamo potuti venire alla tua festa, ma in quei giorni eravamo sempre in giro da parenti e chiara aveva decisamente bisogno di una pausa! anche se in mostruoso ritardo ci uniamo anche noi agli auguri e ti mandiamo un forte abbraccio!
tiziana cristiano e chiara