Sunday, October 25, 2009

Check out Amy and Corrado's blog, 1980 petrus

This is a link to the beautiful prose and photos of my friend Amy who came to visit with her new husband Corrado and his family. As it is miles better than what I do, here is that treat. It is all written in Amy's wonderful italian. Enjoy!
They are in the process of restructuring and old farm house up in Emilia and I hope you all will go visit next year for a stay or dinner when they are in business.
Here at NdB, we have survived another rainy period which interrupted our olive harvest. We have harvested a third of the trees and have about 55 liters of new oil in our tanks. Another 70 or so trees to finish up.
My friend Bill is here from KC for a visit, so in light of the rain we have been forced! to visit wineries and artisans instead of work outside.
I am seeing the beginnings of grass sprouts in the vineyard after my long labor to seed the entire 6 hectares. 700 kg of seeds which I hope will start growing and choking the life out of the unwelcome weeds.
Today, we gained an hour and it is sunny, so it will be off to Castignano for the fall festival. For dinner, tenderloin of beef to be served with Bill's generous gift of a 1980 Petrus and my meager offering of a 1978 Pichon Lalande.
The pictures are from Bill and show an above cloud view from Ripatransone, Santa Maria della Rocca church in Offida and our visit to Le Caniette to try out a couple of the best Marche wines. Then, some photos of Bacco in the portrait studio, dinner for tonight in prep and our "spider wall".

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