Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 memories, winery update

11 Sett.
9 years ago I remember watching live as the 2nd plane flew into the other world trade tower and feeling sick to my stomach as it was then obvious the 1st fire was also an attack.  My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones and hope as a country we are mature enough not to blame a billion and a half people for the actions and beliefs of a miniscule percentage of extremists who wish us ill.
On to more pleasant topics, here is a photo of 2 lucertole (lizards) who are enjoying the last warm day we had before the cloudy rainy weather took over.
It has slowed down our grape maturation which has helped us out as the winery is not quite ready for grapes yet although last night we had the trial run of the refrigerator unit which cools the fermenting tanks and all is covered with ice, which I guess is a good sign it functions.
Today or tomorrow we will analyze the grapes again which have been stuck at the same levels for a week.  We test for sugar content, pH and total acid content and if we had to pick today we would have a wine of about 12.5% alcohol, but not as complex as we would like.  Waiting when you are ready to go is tough, but it is not us who decides when the grapes will be ready, but Il Signore.
We now also have doors on the winery, which allow me to sleep better with the place locked up.
My friend Fernando is digging the trenches for the drainage tubes here and he has already leveled the mountain of extra dirt which was piled up on the southern side of the winery.
Here are a couple of dawn photos from this morning to finish.

The first is a skewed picture of the winery and the other looking back at Nascondiglio di Bacco.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dwight and Raffele, I can't believe the progress on the winery since we left two weeks ago! Thanks for the help I needed with my visa issue while I was staying with you, all sorted now. Good luck with the weather and the harvest....M

Dwight said...

Glad all got sorted out. Harvesting begins tomorrow!