Saturday, January 08, 2011

Buon compleanno Torrin, Cassoulet e Bacco con suo figlio

8 Gennaio 2011
Today is my son's 31 birthday, wishing him the best in Thailand!  Bacco is shown here with his love child.  Pongo is about a year and a half now.  Daddy Bacco in the foreground got his shots today and weighed in at 36 kg, (79lbs) all muscle, fortunately.  Since the Doblo got smashed up, he has been suffering in my z4 and begging me to get him another van.
Yesterday Bacco and I hiked above Ascoli, site of more than a couple of hermits back 6-700 years ago and we explored around their grottoes.
Today has been a day to cook Cassoulet, a hearty winter dish which always puts in mind my friend Damon, who is the Cassoulet king of KC.  I have put a definite italian touch on mine as I have access to the forbidden cured meats of Italia for mine.  
Before the oven

After cooking with the bread crumbs and Parmigiano on top.
Finally, an update on the wines and construction of the winery.  The wines are resting nicely at a temperature of about 8.5 C. We have a big tasting with our winemaker and assistant next week and will plan out the future as best we can based on our tasting.   The difficult part will be to limit how many wines we offer, the combinations are endless.  The winery will be painted in the next week or two, but there is still a lot to finish upstairs with a very hopeful finishing date of mid March.
The roof is on the eastern part where the grapes will arrive in the future and the winter wheat is peaking its head up, all destined to make Barilla pasta (seriously)
Now, I have to think deeply as to what wine I will have with the Cassoulet.  I am leaning towards a 2000 Hugel Riesling I picked up in Alsace.  What do you think?

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