Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finished with the tying, mowing and weedeating, wonderful italian bureaucracy

15 Aprile
What is wrong with this picture?  Find the answer mid left 

Going nowhere fast with the construction, but hopefully this week we will add windows, the rest of the railing and then finish up the inside tasting room.  We are trying to plan a grand opening, maybe late June with at least a Pecorino wine bottled if not the Montepulciano/Syrah blend.

Another view of what the engineer from Offida said was our "high-impact' winery, more of an impact than the neighboring solar panels.  As soon as he signs off on the construction and we have a license to open, I will let loose with some long pent-up vitriol.

All mowed and only broke one wire I think.

35,000 tied and ready to make grapes

I am loving the flowering plants of Spring

Great smells, helping out the local bee population as well.
So, that is my 2 weeks in pix.  Today, I started painting the wall surrounding the pool until I ran out of paint, then mowed the lawn for the 5th time.  This morning we prepared a red and white wine as listed above for bottling.  They will settle for a couple of weeks and then if the labels and names are ready, they can be bottled in a month or 6 weeks.  Afterwards, one needs about a month for the bottle shock to go away and then we can celebrate!

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Anna Savino said...

wow! good luck on your ventures! when you feel overwhelmed just remember you are living the dream of so many people! What beautiful pictures and landscapes.. congrats