Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chalet Don Diego, my friend and gracious host Peppe and his little Grottammare paradise

12 Maggio, 2011
When I first arrived in Offida, I met the nicest lady who also seemed to me the most talented artisan with the special lace making of this little commune called Merletti al Tombolo.  I would recommend her to all my guests and take my friends to see her.  She always asked me "When are you going to visit my sons' restaurant at Grottammare.  Finally I made it down to Chalet no. 25 on the lungomare of that town and found Peppe the elder son and proprietario of Chalet Don Diego.  I have not eaten better seafood at any restaurant in Italy.  Some have been equally as fine but 50% more expensive and Pepe has a little garden outside which is immaculate.  I just have returned from London where I dined at the 2nd restaurant of a chef whose flagship restaurant was voted in the top 50 in the world and all I can say is his chef needs to make a visit to Don Diego and learn how to prepare shrimp!  Look at these beautiful plates, all antipasti (one is missing, because I tore into the crabs and shrimp before I remembered to take the picture and no one likes to see pix of dismembered crustaceans.)   If you come to visit me at Nascondiglio di Bacco and ask for a seafood restaurant, this will by my first suggestion.  Enjoy the photos, you will be hungry after.  Excuse my camera's lack of expertise with its autofocus setting. hehe


biancifiore said...

m'hai fatto venire voglia di pesce ... da Don Diego! ; )

Don said...

This post brought back wonderful memories!!
Don and Jan