Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sunflower motif, hail damage

9 luglio
Everyone is putting up great photos of the local sunflowers, so I thought I would add my 2 cents worth.  Next hike on Monday with Bacco, stay tuned.  It will be 94 degrees, so expect  a trail with a nearby stream.
View from a bit northeast of us, lower right hand corner includes our vines, old oak, and olive trees.

Zoomin in on the local sunflower fields

Max zoom

What blog post would be complete without Bacco?!

This gives you an idea of the patchwork quilt that is our little area, Hay bales, vineyards, olive trees, sunflowers...

A ringer, no sunflower here, just what hail damage looks like on immature grapes; most of those with damage will fall off.  The hail came the same day we bottles our 1st 2 wines..... good karma=bad karma as my friend Sabrina said

One of my 2 blooming sunflowers

and the other... double click to enlarge.

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