Saturday, October 08, 2011

Wines of 2011 update

8 Ottobre
Today, I started at 7 AM and got the Petit Verdot pressed and tanked; the 1/2 of the Pecorino from 2010, also heretofore known jokingly as "my Pecorino"  has exited its wooden encasement and is now safely back in stainless steel with its twin brother which has always lived in stainless.  I now have 2000 liters of Pecorino, half of which has spent 6 months in 3-220 liter barrels and 1-500 liter tonneau mixed with the other half which has been in a 1000 liter stainless tank.  It will be lightly fined with an inert material called PVPP to take away a bit of bitterness and darkness of color and will probably be bottled as Aurai-Riserva, 2010.  It is tasting pretty good mixed together!
Montepulciano tank

The Syrah from 2011 has been transferred to 2 barrels and a 1000 liter stainless tank, the Cabernet Franc was transferred to a tonneau and a barrel, the Passito was taken off its dirty lees and replaced in its small stainless container and the Cabernet Sauvignon was also racked off its lees for the 2nd time.  The reds will spend the winter in stainless and then change places with the 2010 wines as they come out of their barrels and tonneau in the spring.
We still lack a lot of rainfall for the latter part of the year which may arrive tomorrow and then I am hoping to harvest olives next Wednesday or Thursday.  The poor olive trees need a bit of rain before picking, I think.
Leccino olives

Frantoio olives

Carboncillo olives

More american guests arrive tomorrow, so I have made bread and am making a grape and wine cake with the Petit Verdot wine and grape skins which I stole before the pressing.

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