Friday, December 16, 2011

End of year update for those who don't see my fb posts

Nearly 9 months behind schedule, the winery was finally finished and the grand opening held.  This is the Giacinto jazz trio helping us celebrate .

This is a chorale group who sang everything from O Sole Mio to traditional italian folk songs.  (And drank me out of house and home!)

Friends in front of the fireplace

My traditional and favorite pose

Some of my latest labors, other than pruning all the olive trees include fertilizing and plowing every other row of the vineyard.  These are the Pecorino vines looking up towards the winery.

Merlot and Cabernet vines.  Now, if it would just rain, I would be set.  We haven't had appreciable rain since July.

Sunset looking east down the Cab. Sauvignon vines

A day trip with Bacco towards the Sibillini mountains

Autumn colors near Force

I have had a bit of time to take Bacco swimming in the Adriatic the last few days.
I have also cleaned up the winery and the equipment, and the b&b before leaving for the states.  
I am looking forward to seeing friends back home and family for Christmas.  I plan to open the first bottled Pecorino wine and pour a bit over my parents' graves and let them know what I have been up to.  My luggage is packed with 13 bottles and 10 liters of wine and 12 liters of olive oil, 3kg of parmigiano reggiano and 1 mostarda.  There is no room for my clothes.


Robert Hamilton said...

I love reading your adventures in Italy. We can't wait to start our own there some day. Thanks for sharing. Bob and Janet

Mary Ellen said...

Love hearing all about your new life. Your folks are smiling down at you.

You made a great "new career" choice.

Also, glad to get back in touch with you & learn about your life, and enjoy the photo's.

Merry Christmas,
Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen said...


I love reading & seeing your great stories & photo's of Italy.

Your folks are smiling down on you knowing how happy you are. You made a great "career" change.

Merry Christmas to you & your family,

Mary Ellen