Monday, January 16, 2012

Two celebrations, a KC wine tasting at Jasper's and an italian wedding in Caserta Vecchia

16 January, 2012
Sorry about the lateness of these posts, but I have a nice snow day to catch up, as pruning is problematic in this weather.  My wonderful time in the states was full of activities, dinner at Casa Somerset, this wine tasting at Jasper's and Christmas celebrations with my family in St. Louis.  My visits to MO would not be complete without the traditional dinner at Jasper's with friends, but thanks to the simpatico custom's dept. in Chicago, I was able to bring in, duty free, more than a case of my bottled wine and 10 liters of the fun bulk wine which I had in bag in box.  I had a grand group of friends who attended and the tasting part was topped off by a sumptuous dinner courtesy of Jasper and his talented chefs.  These wines are not going to be available in the states, but plans are to bottle the Reserve Pecorino and the bordeaux blend in the next 3 months and after they have become used to their new glass homes, they will hopefully available in MO and CO, we will see.  Fingers crossed!
The IGT red-75% Montepulciano and 25% Syrah with the red label and the DOC Pecorino in the green label 
Old friends above and below

Old roommates, and I mean OLD!

Dinner after
Thanks everyone for attending and making it a memorable occasion for me!
And now the italian wedding of my friends Giorgio and Gaia in the beautiful town of Caserta Vecchia, not far from Napoli
3 of my former classmates from the Slow Food master's program (where we met Giorgio):  Matteo, Silvia and Fabio

The groom greeting all the guests when they arrive at the church

The beautiful bride escorted by her father

It's official!  Way to go Gaia and Giorgio.

At the reception responding to one of the myriad brindisi (toasts) to the newly married couple

8 of our class of 21 were present for the ceremony

Mother, sister and bride

The beautiful and humorous wedding cake.  See the different couples with the woman chasing or dragging the man to the altar.

Throwing the garter.   I never saw the bouquet thrown.  
I hope everyone gets to attend an italian wedding some time.  It is a wonderfully warm event, full of good humor fun, and serious at the same time.  Good luck to the new Farina family!

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