Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peace, quiet and beauty of the Lake Como area in Gittana

28 Marzo, 2012
I had a week between pruning and tying, so headed up to my new S.O.'s territory around Lake Como.  I had been there before to tool around on one of the ferries for half a day, but to really experience the beauty of the place, I suggest a few days of exploration.  A great place to start is with this website where you can find reasonably priced, beautiful apartments for rent in the peaceful town of Gittana,   Below you see a view of Bellagio, a short ferry ride from Varenna, which is just 5 minutes from Gittana.

Ca Pina, one of the apartments with a really cute patio and everything you need for your vacation, including a personally selected group of wines (mine included), a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, etc.

Wall painting in the street above Ca Pina

Gittana, from one of the most important hiking trails which skirts all of the eastern side of Lake Como

Castle di Vezio with its "real ghosts" 10 minutes away

The castle has a raptor program with all sorts of birds of prey, mostly from the US

2 swans I saw on Lake Pusiano, but an even better refuge was Lake Segrino with a trail circling the lake and a great little mobile restaurant at the end with wonderful porchetta!

Lecco, another nice city to visit
This is only a small sampling of the things you can see on the lake and it is a very short drive from Malpensa, so you could either start or finish a vacation in Italy/Europe here and recharge your batteries.  I recharged enough to start 7 days a week vine tying!

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