Thursday, June 14, 2012

NOVITA', The new bottlings of PS Winery

15 giugno
3 weeks ago, we bottled 5 new wines and last week a 6th was bottled by hand with another 2 to go.  Exciting stuff for us and I am extremely happy with the quality and depth of the wines from both 2010 and 2011.  They are curing themselves of their bottle shock and some are just fine now, while others will need a bit more time before they regain all the wonderful characteristics they displayed before getting squeezed into their new homes.  It has been a long wait from the initial planting in 2008, hoeing all 35K vines by hand for 2 years and babying each plant to arrive at our first harvest in 2010 and 2nd in 2011, but I am satisfied our work has paid off!
1st bottles coming off the line ready to go into cartons of 6

My right hand man, Roberto who keeps me out of trouble

Bacco is bored by the whole process and preferred to watch the vineyard for any chase-able rabbits or birds.

These are the wines bottled by our mobile bottling unit with left to right, the barrel aged Pecorino, the 100% Merlot, the bordeaux blend-Confusion, the new IGT red which this year is 80% Cab. Sauvignon and finally the incredible regular Pecorino from 2011, a difficult year which provided us with a very low yield but great grapes.  We changed the labels as you can see on the last 2 wines to something more elegant.  Thanks to Cristiano our label designer and Alessandra for the name for the blend!

The Confusion label with each variety's initials confusingly placed in the background.  1000 L of Merlot, 750 L of Cab. Sauvignon, 500 L of Cab. Franc and Petit Verdot make up the blend.

Bottled by hand!, 2 bottles at a time, our 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.  I really like this wine.  It will be available in a boxed set of 5 with the other 3 varieties and the blend.

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Anonymous said...

Dwight, what an awesome accomplishment! I am very happy for you! Wish we could be there to help!