Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rotella's magnificent Porco Festival!

14 Agosto The Porco festival is not only a must attend so you can buy the t-shirt, but also involves the entire little town of Rotella and is quite well done.  I think it is probably the best food festival of the year for the province, to be honest.  Every year seems to be a little better as well and the event is only held for 3 nights which is fair to the restaurants, unlike the "sagre" at Offida which compete with the local restaurants for 10 nights! The sagra is set up so that you can see the whole town if you try out an appetizer, 1st course, 2nd course and beer or wine.  There is a main stage for the headliner, but each plaza has music at some time during the night.  I wish Offida would learn from these guys and get the whole community involved in a similar festival. Here is a photo of the entrance which is a bit like "abandon hope, all ye who enter here".
 The obligatory pig ear head ornament can be seen below.
A suckling on the barbie.

Andy Warhol designed these for the city just before his death, hehe


Sangria and pork sandwiches: a bit out of context, but a good match nonetheless.

MMMMMM pork loin and potatoes with saffron

Beer on tap

This way to all night dancing in the grass
Whaz ur order ahready!

Worst corn on the cob in the world can be found in Italy, usually what we would call feed corn.

The Mayans were here.

Also MGM?

They fill the town up with happy tourists, I didn't see anyone with a sour face.

Groups of musicians play throughout the city.

This girl was channeling Amy, even down to the gaunt look.

Each little plaza has its own specialty, this is for first courses.

One of the city towers.
I hope you all can attend next year!

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