Tuesday, May 29, 2007

what the marche looks like

29 maggio
I spent the day driving around the little towns in the vicinity of the agriturismo Raffaele and I are purchasing in order to find the best wineries and restaurants to visit, the cutest little towns in which to sightsee, etc. Starting with Offida which is the closest town, i visited Aquaviva Piceno, Monsampolo del Tronto and finally continued my study of the big town here, Ascoli Piceno. Don't worry, when you visit there is more to see and do than I first thought. The area is full of vineyards, fields with all sorts of crops and it seems every available acre of arable land is used for something. Ascoli is famous for olives as well, but not so much olive oil as the olives here are too tasty to crush for oil and the specialty is pitted olives refilled with meats etc, breaded and fried! Amazing if done well. The pix you see are from around Aquaviva Picena.

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