Thursday, May 31, 2007

31 maggio
It is the last day of May and In just 9 days Raffaele and I will be running this b and b. It is a little scary to think about, but exciting as well. We have lots of plans and I suppose the most important thing is to learn how we want to do the breakfast thing. Also, whether we will have meals at intervals for the guests or antipasti in the afternoon with a glass of wine or something of that nature. The weather here today was perfect and we headed up to the Swedish Home Depot or Walmart or a mix thereof called IKEA. Making a few nice changes to the place like adding dressers, upgrading the toiletries (don't worry, i know what that sounds like; i still like girls; non ti preoccupare), adding comfortable chairs in the rooms and then upgrading the website are priorities at 1st. Then choosing what types of grapevines to plant after consulting with an agronomist and enologist will be important this year. Dai, sono tante cose di fare!!! There are too many things to do!!! Enclosed are some pix of Ascoli Piceno for which this province is named. To read the history, the city used to have more towers than San Gimignano i imagine! One is a pic of the main square intown and the other an ancient amphitheater from Roman times. Enjoy. dwight

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jemshed said...

OK, DDS was in KC in May and didn't even mention the great dinner he hosted at his Leawood pad. Nice wine too! Thanks Dwight!!