Friday, June 01, 2007

l'ultimo giorno di maggio

31 May
I spent another day exploring the towns and roads of the Marche, trying to discover those places which others might enjoy and found 4 little towns which were quite interesting, beautiful, or charming! 2 of the towns were on the coast with the old towns on high bluffs and the new beach parts obviously below. One of the pictures is taken from Grottomare and looks south towards San Benedetto. Both have really nice beaches and interesting views and old buildings from the alto piano or bluffs. The other photo is of the river which formed part of the protection of Ascoli Piceno in olden times and shows the only bridge of entry as Ascoli is bordered like an island by 2 rivers , one on each flank. I will start writing the calendar of events when i can find the summer offerings in case anyone wants to plan around the spectaculars. d

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unistudent said...

se non la conoscete, ascoli piceno è una delle più belle città del mondo! e se non l'avete ancora vista... cosa aspettate?