Monday, June 18, 2007

18 giugno

Hello everyone. I hope all is fine in america. An argentinan won the US Open, so maybe indeed Armegeddon is near. Poor Jim Furyk. Here, I have survived a weekend not unlike the call weekends of old. I worked 8 hours Saturday and 16 on Sunday. I am nearing a true farmer's tan even with the 30 sunscreen. The vineyard is now completely finished and having spent 20 hours pruning 1.2 acres, I know either I am too slow, too much of a perfectionist or non so un cazzo come di fare questa cosa, which i won't literally translate, but roughly means I need to learn more. Anyway, the 19 acres won't be planted until winter, so I have plenty of time to learn. The vines are almost as old as me, here, but are more vigorous than me in many cases. Some of the vines are old and withered and not producing any grapes while others have 20 grape bunches, the soil here is perhaps to rich, so we will have to choose rootstock which will slow the graft down a bit and make it less productive.
I am ahead of you several hours of course, so I will let you know the crescent moon and venus make a beautiful couple tonight.
Tomorrow the 2 shopaholics are heading back to Ancona to the IKEA to buy all the things the previous owners moved away today. It should be both fun and impoverishing! Thanks to Larry, my grammatical guru and Lynn, my marketer 101 back home for helping me with my brochure and website ideas... Hopefully all will be completed by next week. This week, a big festa occurs to inaugurate the B&B with many of our classmates from Italy and our tutors coming to spend the weekend. No money, but lots!!! of fun. Today's photo is Nascondiglio from the back from 200 years ago. Scherzo!!! d

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