Sunday, June 24, 2007

what day is it?

i told you there would be chaos and fun when the gang came to visit. I am going to save the foto for the next posting, but imagine this city boy's surprise when my friend brought us a Pig!!!! as a present... we all know not to bring our nieces and nephews and grandkids a bunny for easter, right. Well now I am the somewhat reluctant father of a suino nero baby, who must be fed baby pig food at present and is expected to eventually weigh around 180-200 kg... that is not pounds, folks that is kilograms, which is 2.2 lbs/kg. i will leave you with your computer's calculator to figure that one out... I am thinking big feast for xmas if anyone of you wants to come to Italy for Natale!
We have had a nice quiet weekend otherwise and the highlight was the outdoor cookout on our built-in bbq grill tonight. Helped unbelievably by the garlic, onions and zucchini provided by our gardener! unbelievable!!!
Good bruschetta must have quality garlic and tomatoes.
We had 28 people tonight for dinner so it can be done, with patience from all involved.
I come back to the US the 5th of July which of course interferes with the pickup of my car from Rotterdam. I asked Delta if I could change my flight originally scheduled from America to Ancona, to a flight from KC to Rotterdam and 1300 dollar tickets are evidently not changeable!!! I then said, well I will just get off in Rome instead of flying to Ancona and take the 1st plane to Rotterdam and the response was" that is not allowed" I then asked what the punishment was and they just kept saying, "we must tell you that is not allowed".. Since I will probably not be put in prison and since Delta needs my business, I will disembark with just hand luggage at Rome and fly on up to Rotterdam. See you there! dds PS, fotos to follow, stay tuned!

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