Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Return of Bacco

28 giugno
It is with of course a heavy heart I must report, after a lot of thought by the 2 proprietors of Nascondiglio di Bacco, our mascot will be returning to the peaceful forest where he was born to spend a short but sweet life gamboling about beneath the oak trees, eating acorns and playing with his brothers and sisters and waithin for our amico to open up the electric fence so they can eat up the corn field, stalks and all! He is of course quite cute now and has learned that I am his key to the food sack, so he runs after me squealing and making a general nuisance of himself until he gets his baby pig food. He eats 3 times a day and if not fed on a proper schedule will start eating my computer, my shoes, my belt, my watch, my elbow, etc. He can now jump up on the outdoor chaise lounge to really get my attention. When he weighs 200 kg in 7 months, I am not sure my computer can handle that. My friends who have raised pigs have all warned me about the days ahead and I thank them for that. We feel certain Massimo Spigaroli will do a better job of raising him than we will. He has promised us another Bacco in the future when we are a little less stressed with getting the B&B started and can have a little area perfect for porkers built under the oak tree at the border of our property.
It was a wonderful idea and a great present from our friends from the Master's program! We are sorry to let them down, but promise to seriously consider Bacco II in the future.
I am already starting to pack for the trip home and plan what to bring back to Italy, I am sending a container back to Italy with things like my bed, and various furniture and stuff for the walls here to spruce up Nascondiglio. Then, off to Estes Park with a load in a UHaul I imagine and the rest is for sale. I am sure you all can provide me with lots of empathy and stories about horrendous moves, but I need hands and strong backs, not empathy!!! Come on over and we can make a dent in the 400 bottle wine refrigerator (for sale} and then afterwards relax in the hot tub (for sale). Ahh,, you get the idea.
the pictures are of the Adriatic coastal town of Grottammare and furthur San Benedeto in the distance and Nascondiglio di Bacco from the hiill to our east.

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