Monday, June 11, 2007

i'm an alien, i'm an illegal alien

11 giugno 1007
It was an eventful day. I got up at 0630 to get ready for my little trip to Ascoli Piceno, because forewarned about the lines which form at the Prefettura's office, I arrived when they opened at 0815 to grab a number, C08 which was the 3rd number for today, then i went to drink coffee in the Piazza del popolo and waited for 1000 to arrive, whereupon I was told by various people including the boss that unfortunately, Italy's quota for admission of aliens was completely exhausted. By the way, this is for 2006, they haven't opened things up for 2007, and that is for all kinds of permits of stay including lavoro autonomo, which means i am self employed with enough money to survive. Vabbe (slang for OK) I lived for 9 months in Parma illegally, I am an expert. But unfortunately, things get trickier when your car is in the middle of the Atlantic headed for Europe; I need to eventually have it licensed, after all. My house in KC sold today, so I need to ship furniture over here. All these are minor problems, I am sure. Tomorrow I have a visit with the local mayor, who hopefully can give me some good ideas on how to solve this dilemma.
Anyone who saw me in my box of a Fiat called a Doblo' (or something similar Dobro'?) would surely laugh, it reminds me of when I drove the old laundry truck for my Dad! But it uses diesel which is about 1.05 US cheaper per gallon. And today, i found the car's AC which is anywhere but in a logical place!
Raffaele and I are working on marketing ideas , like a brochure and the website improvements and hopefully all will be ready within 2 weeks. I forgot to label yesterday's picture which is Spanish cow with an itch. Today we have a picture of sunset from Nascondiglio di Bacco and above that is my gang, which is ready to cause big trouble if they don't let me stay here.... Giorgio and Fabio are mean dudes!! Actually we were doing a takeoff on American Gothic at the King of Culatello's storage facility. I will be back in KC to pack up some stuff the 1st part of July, so hope to see my US buds then! Ciao from my secret place---Bacchus' hideout. d

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