Thursday, June 07, 2007


Today is my niece's birthday, the third to reach 21 and win a trip from mom and dad to Las Vegas!! Tanti Auguri e buon compleanno!!!
Today I finally was able to open a checking account in italy. When you think of free banking, think USA; everything here costs extra although i do get 60 transactions "free for 100 dollars a year! But, hey, it is a big step and I get a "free" bancomat card and my name and address on a piece of paper which makes me quasi a resident. I also have deadheaded and watered flowers on the property and made a file with all the information you could possibly want on the little cities of the ascoli piceno region I have explored and which have passed muster!
Tomorrow the agriturismo or b & b changes hands and we have to start running the place. To complicate matters, my house in KC has finally received a bid. i may be back sooner than I thought, Ciao for now.

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Lauren said...

Thank you for my Happy Birthday wish!! Las Vegas was so much fun!! Hope you're having fun in Italy and I'm glad things went well with your house. Love you, Lauren