Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Offida, Rosso l'Offida, cute town, good wine

26 Giugno
As you have followed along may know, we are located near the cute little town of Offida which is inside the province of Ascoli Piceno and of the many DOC wines from here, the one we are primed for 1st is called Rosso l'Offida which if I am not mistaken, requires 50% of the grape Montalpuciano d"Abbruzo, 30% Cabernet and 20% other which could be Sangiovese or Merlot. We had set up an appointment with an enologo but he has rescheduled for next week. Hopefully with an eye to our climate and soil, he can give us good recommendations how to proceed with our planting this winter. We have a permit to plant 3 hectares or a little over 8 acres this year and then hope to plant the other 3 next year. The wines from our little zone "Ciafone" hopefully will be famous someday; there are wineries nearby who make some nice wines!
Offida is a little town where we officially have an address and it has many ancient structures (in US terms). There is Santa Maria della Rocca which is a church seemingly perched on a cliff. Many of the older ladies pracitce lacemaking and make truly incredible works of art and if you can afford them, they might even make you a custom outfit. It would probably take a year to make and cost a year's salary for most of us. They have many wonderful festivals including a sort of running of the bulls like in Spain except with a man with a bull's head on ... evidently it is a hoot and a little like mardi gras in New Orleans as to the partying. That takes place during Carnival which is really big there. As I may have written, they had a really neat little event where there were 13 different spots in the city where one could try the traditional sweets and desserts of the region and at the same time see the museums, private gardens and churches on the little private streets where you might miss them otherwise.
The week ahead we are getting a little busier which is nice.
I am trying to figure a way to sneak Bacco back to his mother, hopefully day after tomorrow! I have arranged movers for Italy, but need to do the same for Estes Park and I still have a 400 bottle wine refrigerator for sale, a wonderful hot tub which I have never used and a beautiful jacuzzi which will go to Estes if I can't find a buyer in KC.
Now, tell me, why are there NO COMMENTS under my pig postings. Isn't he cute? The picture today is of Offida at night from the mayor's office before a thunderstorm. d

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judging by one comment below,If I were you I would keep 'Babe' close by.... being "the year of the pig" and all, he could be the one to blame for some of the pretty awsome things happening around you lately!??
Come on! give him a chance... ;o)

Costa Rica.