Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tornadoes in Italy?

12 e 13 giugno
I waited until after seeing il Sindaco (the mayor) to make this post but when I returned to Nascondiglio di Bacco, there was no electricity or internet as another powerful thunderstorm had come through disrupting the free flow of electrons to our hill. They are going to think I brought this weather from Kansas soon as evidently, this is pretty unusual. The mayor was a really nice fellow, who promised to look into my options for a permit of stay as the quotas are complete, as I said.
Raffaele and I have started planning how to improve each room a little, new pillows, bed cushions, candles and vases in each room, organic handmade soaps, new lamps and the list goes on and on and IKEA will love us when we do our little shopping trip in Ancona.
We rearranged the kitchen to clear space and get things in shape for our guests as we are planning on serving dinners now and then which will be a change from the previous owners. I walked around the neighborhood yesterday to explore the hill and may repeat that today. It is interesting to see how vineyards are trained in this zone. Hopefully soon we can meet with an agronomist and enologist to plan our vineyard planting which will take place this winter.
The opening party for our old mates at UNISG will be weekend after next which should be a great time for all. I need to find my Aleve and Gatorade!
Here is a picture of The Car! It is perfectly serviceable, and lots of room for carrying stuff, but.... I am a little partial to the car which will hopefully arrive in Holland the 25th of June, giving me a chance to let loose on the Autobahn of Germany.
Finally, for those of you who don't know who my amministratore unico is ( I am just a laborer ) above is a picture of Raffaele Paolini (Raffa) in front of a landmark as famous as any in the US.

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