Saturday, June 16, 2007

World's Best Painter

june 16,2007
Last night I had the pleasure of being in the company of the Universe's best painter and I include realism, abstractionism and all other types! It was truly a joy to watch the sunset here and while normally I can't capture what I see on the camera as well as I like I have included 2 of the 30 pictures I took which were giving me pelle d'oca again this morning.
I haven't started taking my antipsychotic meds yet, but I swear I am a little paranoid about my little car which supposedly took off from Newark yesterday on the boat for Rotterdam. I tried by email and phone for 2 days to contact the shipper and the receiver in Holland and finally reached the shipper yesterday who assured me all was on track for delivery in Europe in 8-10 days! We will see.
We have 4 guests right now and one couple is on a belated honeymoon which is sweet. Today my photos are ready at the enlarger/framer so we have some work to hang 20 photos of sizes ranging from 20X30 on up along with full length mirrors for each room which Raffaele assured me was a female requirement. We have new outdoor furniture both for dining and lounging and have replaced some of the plastic chairs with those in legno o metallo.
My "sold" house was inspected and my wonderful real estate agent informed me at midnight our time last night I need to replace the roof. One little american boy in Italy was extremely displeased and various word in 2 languages came immediately to mind. My only difficulty with this turn of events being the report from my agent's recommended inspector 18 months ago which stated the roof had 6-10 years of good life and was in need in the future of only minor repairs. State Farm subsequently suspended my homeowner's insurance because the house had shingles replaced on top of old shingles which I wasn't told, and so the story now is more serious.
Enough of my bitchin. Enjoy this link after you grab some kleenex (from my friend Susan Moses)
God bless! Live every day fully and enjoy all the sunsets! Dwight


Tamimarie said...

Dwight- beautiful pictures! Hope things start going your way. Tami

Dwight said...

Thanks Tami, well... there is still a house in KC in limbo if you want to buy it and my car is in the middle of the atlantic ocean I hope, but seriously, things are great! thanks for checking in. dds