Monday, June 25, 2007


25 June
The pig "Bacco" or is it Arnold or Babe? and I are bonding big time! I bring the food and water, he moves out of my way, he dumps the water out, I bring more water, he moves out of my way, etc. He is pretty low maintenance at present, but I forsee the day when he will weigh more than me and will have more requirements. There is a lovely 50 y.o. oak tree at the border of our property which will be perfect for him with a water trough, some food, an electric fence... in other words, all the comforts a pig could want including shade.
Our friends all left last night leaving a quiet void here. It was great to see all who could come down and I hope those who couldn't make it this time will try and find us soon! It is almost less work for me when everyone is here, because everyone pitches in to cook, clean, rearrange, etc. We got good suggestions from all the "girls" about how to make the place more cozy and elegant and will begin that transformation soon.
We enjoyed a great bbq, lots of good wine, and special foods from Campania, Parma, and Tuscany including pastas, sauces, cheeses and wines! Time to get on the bike and ride off the calories!
We have a couple tonight and will cook dinner for them and then this weekend we will have 4 rooms rented which will be our personal record, not counting this weekend when we were completely full. One couple will have a little girl who is bringing her pet rabbit and I think we can set the rabbit up with a potential mate from our property as I have seen some telltale signs indicating their presence!
Last night I went to bed listening to the sounds of the Italian version of a Whip-or-will which here is a succiacapre (goatsucker). Very peaceful and relaxing
Finally, off today to finish up our brochure and hopefully we are getting close to a complete website at or .eu or .it! Stay tuned! d

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Ginalo said...

Poor little big thing... If you give Arnold a little bit of love he can become you best friend like a dog. My friend (also american)has 2 piggies who are of a smaller breed of pigs but witch became his pets and he treats them as dogs(outdoors). We can bring them on a walk around the area as they are smart and responding to their name;Fred (Fellini) and Maybel !!!
Hope you won't eat it !! Why don't you use him as a "mascotte" for your B&B marketing ??
P.S.I'm a vegetarian !!!!!!