Thursday, February 07, 2008

25.5 Kg

Bacco is eating his food too quickly! We headed to dog food paradise today and Bacco weighed in at 25.5 kg or 56.1 lbs!
He has another 10kg to go, I imagine.
We visited with the engineer and redesigned the pool layout for the back yard. It will be kidney shaped and 5X10 meters with a roman stair and an infinity edge with a little waterfall down to a little pool below. It should be pretty and relaxing and hopefully will be an added draw for Nascondiglio di Bacco.
The ground is about half ready for planting with the other half needing a bit of plowing and pulverizing to make planting easier. The weather is not helping as we need just a bit of rain to soften our clay clods a bit.
If all goes well, the layout of the vineyard should occur within 10 days and planting shortly thereafter.
We still need all you guys to bring your girlfriends here for St. Valentine's day and enjoy our 1st ever spa weekend with massages or reflexology offered in the packages!
The Italian men are a bit afraid of Feb. 14, I think, because to offer a wonderful date would signify commitment on their part. That is what this american guy is hearing at least. It was always one of my favorite days, back when I was romantic, and of course it is also my 1/2 birthday!
The pictures are of Bacco at the Fat Tuesday festival in Offida and up in the newly fallen snow near Castelluccio and 2 pictures of the same dawn taken about a week ago.

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