Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pictures from Bove Finto

3 Feb.
These are some of the folks enjoying the running of the Fake Bull in Offida. The outfits are called Guazaro' and of course, I had to have one. I need to get the pictures from Raffaele of me in costume with Bacco, though. It was a wonderful drunk fest with everyone toting wine in some sort of container or other, from pint sized to a barrel on a wagon! The bull runs all through the streets of Offida with a guy underneath the head and body frame and another one to guide him as he can't see anything. It is tiring, so people change out every couple of hundred meters. In fact, there are 9 programmed rest stops along the way, each with a different wine. I stayed 100% sobrio so I could get some good shots and left about 4:30 before people became comatose, but Raffaele stayed until about 6 and saw at least 2 casualties from the alcohol. The hospital was geared up for a big crowd. I suppose wine is a bit safer than long island iced teas or purple passion, but one can still get the blood alcohol level near 250 I imagine. I will post a bunch more fotos soon with more action shots.
Enjoy the Super Bowl!

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