Saturday, January 03, 2009

Rocky, Bullwinkle and Victor Hugo

Enough (Basta!) with this rainy season. It has been gray and drizzly almost every day since my return, so I am trapped inside. I have made enough bread and anise biscotti to last, so now I have started in on season 1 of Rocky and Bullwinkle and started reading Les Miserables. The latter, being 1400+ pages should keep me occupied. I highly recommend it for avid readers; the 1st 200 pages are extremely well written.
Nascondiglio di Bacco was full for New Year's eve, but now we have just 2 couples. Matteo has headed back to Verbana, reserving the last seat available on the eurostar. He cooked risotto for us the last night with our friend's riso-Acquarello, the best I have ever found for making risotto and aged a full year before packaging. The pictures show the maestro, Barolo, at work and the toasting of the carnaroli rice prior to adding the white wine and then the broth. The wine is from our friends at Aurora, a simple Falerio. We matched the risotto con funghi with a Taurasi wine, a bit too powerful for the dish, but I am running out of wines here. Finally a bit of roasted fennel with parmigiano reggiano cheese on top.
I am hoping with any clear weather to get finished pruning the olive trees and started pruning the grape vines. We contadinos have to be patient.
Have a great weekend!

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