Saturday, April 25, 2009

Having fun? Waterfalls, wildflowers and Bacco at gola d'infernaccio

25 aprile
I had another old friend contact me on facebook saying his mom heard I was "having fun" in Italy. The video shows one of my "fun" days as Bacco and I, tired of being cooped up in the house because of the rain, headed for the Sibillini mountains. I casually drove by a police roadblock on my way to Arquata only to be stopped by a landslide 15km up the road (I learned to ask why they put up the roadblock). We retraced our steps for piano (plan) B and headed for gola d'infernaccio where Bacco likes to hike and play in the stream. Piano B was cut short by the spring snow melt which flooded the path crossing with a torrent, but Bacco got to have his fun and we made up a different hike with good vistas of the town of Montefortino as viewed down the canyon of the gola (throat) near sunset.
Now the rest of the days, my fun consists of keeping the yard looking good for our guests, hoeing 17 acres of vineyard every day with weeds up to my waist, pruning olive trees and grapevines, then cleaning toilets, mopping floors, cleaning rooms etc, etc. Better to say, my work is different and I get to choose hours as do all farmers. The only bad thing about procrastination here is your work gets more difficult with every day you wait.
That said, I do have my share of good times, getting to meet really nice and interesting people from all over the world, shooting the bull with the local farmers as we lament the excessive rain or lack thereof and the weed growth, and sometimes getting away from Nascondiglio to Rome, Umbria, and the closeby mountains and sea here in the Marche.
Today is liberation day in Italy and all the stores are closed, so I will have to think of what I can possibly eat out of the cupboard. Buon weekend! For the complete slide show of our walk in the gola, copy and paste this link:

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