Friday, May 01, 2009

Visitation choir at Rome

1 Maggio
May Day is a big holiday here, so we are just about full for the weekend. Finally, a bit of sun has agreed to shine on Ascoli Piceno province. Unfortunately, my big excursion with the z4 to Rome was ruined by cold weather and rain the whole trip, so no convertible action.
The visitation choir from Kansas City performed 2 wonderful concerts in Rome at Santa Maria Degli Angeli, which has an organ the size of most italian houses, and the next day the mass of St. Catherine of Siena at Santa Maria del Popolo where you can find Bernini and Caravaggio works. It was really fun to see them and I smiled the whole time, including when their organist got to play with his new toy in Santa Maria degli Angeli with an impovisational piece which "rocked" the house.
I led some of the choir off into the winding streets of Rome and we visited the Ponte St. Angelo, St. Peter's, where we saw the pope, and then on to La Carbonara, purportedly the birthplace of that dish and in business almost 100 years in the Campo dei Fiori.
I felt bad the group met so much rain while they were here which is a risk in April here, but they were all thrilled to have sung in some of the most beautiful and famous churches in the world.
Back to Nascondiglio di Bacco, I headed straight for the mower and weedeater to make the place presentable for our guests.
I am happy to report our reservations are up this year compared to last and even better, we are seeing more americans! I hope you can visit sometime as well!
The pictures are of Kevin and Erika at La Carbonara, Keith and Jane in front of St. Peter's, Pope Benedict, the undercover FBI agent near St. Peter's (thanks for the t shirt John and Dolores-I had no problem in the security lines) and the visitation choir in Santa Maria degli Angeli. Don't forget to check out their blog and watch their concerts at


Juanita said...

Hey Dwight, it was so nice to meet you and I thank you for all your guidance at the Vatican and in Rome. I'm adding your blog to my favorites list and will check back often when I'm feeling all nostagic for Italy, which will probably occur daily.

Rain? What rain?


Dwight said...

thanks for reading. i had a wonderful time watching you guys sing!. today was sunny again.