Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day, Bacco and me-fellow mountaineers

25 Maggio
Here are the pictures from my day of rest, Sunday, when Bacco and I climbed Mt. Bettore, the tallest mountain in the Marche. At its summit, it is only 7,800 feet or about the altitude of Estes Park, CO. The hike is about 3 miles + or - a half mile each way (hikes in Italy are listed by how much time they take and not by km or miles). Bacco had a blast in the snow, hiking onto steep mini glaciers and burrowing and then sliding down lie a dog "sled". I laughed out loud watching him. Then we encountered 4 skiers on a much bigger glacier and this was a new game for Bacco, who chased the skiers down the hill about 300 meters. One guy yelled in italian "I can't get a break, dogs chase me on my bike and now on skis"
We are now tying our 30000 vines branches to the metal tutors; t;ying being relative as we have a little machine which automatically loops the branches with a plastic band, staples and cuts it. Unfortunately, I was wrong when I thought this jub would be faster than the previous pruning.
We are in the midst of a heat wave with temps in the 90's and full sun every day. I am fine tuning my farmer's tan, but it gets pretty warm on our little slope.
Our wonderful pool continues with major glitches: the lower pool was empty yesterday morning for no reason.
Finally, the roses are from little yearling plants which produced one rose each, but they were good efforts.
I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!


Juanita said...

Nice roses. Are they fragrant?

Dwight said...

the red ones are pretty nice. the cream colored ones, less so and the latter are the ones the beetles love to eat!