Friday, May 08, 2009

Fruits and artichokes of Nascondiglio di Bacco

8 Maggio
After 5.5 hours of hoeing in my weakened state, it was time for a rest. I did a bit of artichoke picking and this it today's harvest. We may get fat or gassy eating artichokes, but not our measly cherries. The almond trees are doing fine and one of the apricots is full as well. For artichoke lovers, May is the time to visit us. I can't eat all these! Also, the weather is perfect.


Juanita said...

What gorgeous pics! Although I'm an avid gardener, I think I'd be quite overwhelmed with a real farm like yours. My advice for your roses? Shovel prune 'em. That's what I'm about to do with mine. After several years, I've concluded they aren't worth the trouble. Hope you're feeling better. Drink, rest, and stay away from the marinated pork.

Dwight said...

but i love my roses. don't know why, but these monsters like the white ones best. dds

Richard Badalamente said...

My mother used to sauté baby artichoke in olive oil and garlic, with a little fresh mint, and salt and freshly ground pepper. One of my favorite dishes of all time. Unfortunately, I’ve lost her recipe, but it requires baby carciofi, which are hard to get around here anyway. I’ve tried it with larger artichoke, but it just doesn’t work. The ones you’ve picked would be just right. Buon appetito!