Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Inaugural concert at Nascondiglio di Bacco or Jazz in the middle of nowhere

2 giugno
This is a weekend of festa in Italy celebrating the beginning of the republic, so many are on vacation. We were full for the weekend and decided to have a little jazz concert with the fellow I met while trying to get my italian license on drums, an electric piano, bass and singer. It was an afternoon of jazzy love songs, really with about 20 people in attendance. I really miss live music here in Ascoli Piceno, so it was a great treat for me, even if we lost money. Hopefully, in the future, we can hit better weather and have a concert at poolside with more people. All of May was dry after Kevin and Erika took the rain back with them to KC, but now with more Kansas Citians coming to visit, the rain returned. We are looking forward to hosting the Miller family who are arriving today.
As the weather didn't permit my tying up the last 17000 grapevines, my mind turned to cooking something, so I found a recipe for whole wheat muffins with bananas and strawberries. I figured it must be simple, but we don't have apple sauce in Italy and we had only one apple. I made a concoction with the consistence of apple sauce with our one apple, a pear and a nectarine, then went on to search for brown sugar=nada! Google helped me with substitutions, but since there is no molasses here in Italy either, I used maple syrup. The end result is not too bad, considering it is made with olive oil instead of butter and whole wheat flour.
Bacco is bored with this brutal weather and I owe him a trip to the sea whenever the sky clears. The rain came at a good time and bad time as we moved the concert indoors which wasn't ideal, but at the same time our 2000 new vine plants needed a drink.
Now our agronomo can have his stroke later on instead of insisting we needed to water the new plants.


Juanita said...

Well, Dwight, your muffins sounded good...at first. You lost me at "olive oil." My sister used to live in France and I had to ship essentials such as maple syrup from time to time. Maybe you have a sister?

Dwight said...

i brought the maple syrup last time i was in the states; a gift from my sis in law. i used olive oil instead of butter for the moistening agent. lots of stuff here in italy is made with oil instead of butter and most are pretty good.