Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Censored photo! Civita Bagnioreggio

10 Giugno
After working 10-12 hour days tying up our vines (we finished the last row yesterday morning), I needed a break, so I took my leaky vase back to Orvieto for an exchange and then went a bit furthur south to the little town of Civita Bagnoreggio. It is a town on an isolated prominence, separated from the new town by a chasm and connected by a foot bridge. It is in danger of dying out although while we were there, we did hear the americans above the little bar singing happy birthday after grabbing a liter of sfuso. It is now an effective and cute tourist destination with people calling you over to see their "panorama" and then asking for a euro a head for the privilege.
Back to the grind Monday and then after the legatura was finished, we continued hoeing the new vineyard with just 1 row remaining to finish as of now.
Yesterday, my long awaited dread was realized and I got the tractor stuck in our empty but still wet drainage area. This is now 8 days after the last rain and the earth is still holding on to the water under the crust which appears perfectly dry and passable. I was spraying our vines with sulfur and copper and while making a turn found one of those things which is stronger than tractors-- mud.
Our neighbors brought their tractor down with the tank tracks and pulled me right out. Luckily the local reporters weren't around to memorialize the american who drove the tractor into the creek.
We are now preparing for a party for the niece of Raffaele who will have her 1st communion this Sunday. That means 6 hours of lawn work, but as the vineyard is temporarily under control, it is coming at a good time.
Raffaele is off to Spain for 10 days next week, so all who are in the neighborhood, come on by and keep Bacco and me company.
The photos are of the little touris town, Sabrina with Bacco, and the censored photo which I can't allow anyone to see is the tractor and sprayer axle deep in the mud.

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Juanita said...

Have you read "Extra Virgin" by Annie Hawes? It's by a woman who decides to revitalize an old olive grove in Italy. Some of your exploits remind me of that book. I think you would enjoy it.