Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hats are coming back! 1st Communion for Valeria, catering by La Mattra, festa at Nascondiglio di Bacco

14 Giugno
Happy Flag Day to all you patriotic americans. Today at Nascondiglio di Bacco, we hosted the 1st communion festa for Valeria, Raffaele's niece. La Mattra, our little restaurant at Borgo Miriam did an excellent catering for the event and after lunch, we had a mythbuster session wherein I said the kids could go swimming before 2 hours had passed after eating.
The side lawn was covered in gazebos and the new shade umbrellas on the patio provided for a protected setting on a day of 92 degree heat.
I think this 1st communion party stuff is a great idea for kids. It is a chance to get loaded with presents on a day other than christmas or your birthday and without the pain of getting your tonsils out!
I think everyone had a nice time and Raffaele got thrown into the pool fully clothed to top off the day, courtesy of his brothers. Another miracle or milestone occurred when Raffale's sister's daughters finally lost their fear of Bacco.
After sticking the tractor in the mud, I have been going into the vineyard on foot and putting all the branches inside the wire couples, so they aren't falling to the ground from their own weight. They seem to grow a foot a week, at least. I finished about 28 rows in the last 3 days and will keep plugging away as our neighbor takes a fancy, swirling plow to our rows to clear out the weeds. This is a very slow and costly job, but as we are biological and can't use any herbicide, manual removal is our only recourse.
I will try to take some assuredly beautiful pictures of our vineyard with the rows plowed and the branches centered when all is finished.
The pictures are of our patio with our new umbrellas and tables set for 10. (The buffet tables are to the left and behind.) Next are: the side yard set up for about 40, the beautiful 1st communion cake, the celebrant with friends and then all the cousins. Finally, a wonderful picture of 3 bei uomini in summer hats striking a pose. Will that fashion ever come back outside those eclectics such as myself?

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