Sunday, December 06, 2009

6 Dicembre
It has been a pretty slow week around here, although today I am hosting 16 people for a poetry reading complete with prosciutto, ciauscolo, salami, pecorino, pamigiano and another cheese with mulled wine etc.  Only in Italy, I imagine.
We had a photographer visit us during the week and he is doing freelance work for a couple of italian travel magazines, so hopefully in the 1st part of next year we will be featured in 2 different ones.
We also have a full page ad in Marche di Bere which highlights all the best wines of the region thanks to the wonderful bartering system we are starting to employ.
I am still hoping for a January start time for the groundbreaking for the winery, but that may be a bit optimistic.
The pictures show a timballo I made from one of Jasper's recipes I stole from facebook and made the same day.  It is really good, almost a drug, so don't expect leftovers.  The ingredients at the bottom made the dish at the top.
I am addicted to and doing too much shopping, but I have a long list of things to buy in the USA.  I may have to shut off power to my computer!
I just added the last 3 pics, of the inhabitants of Nascondiglio di Bacco, made by our visiting photographer, Dr. Price from Harrisonville... thanks!

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