Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving in Italy and Open Baladin, the new beer joint in Rome

1 Dec

I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with new and old friends in Spello where even Arlo Guthrie would have been envious.  A dinner which "couldn't be beat (sic)" was enjoyed by 7 americans and 1 italian with an 8 kg turkey, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes wrapped with prosciutto and sage, pecan, pumpkin and quince pies, green beans, and enough wine to satisfy everyone's thirst.  I am forgetting many things like the olive all' ascolane, but it was a great time and my 1st thanksgiving celebration since 2006.
The next stop was Rome where I visited the christmas market in Piazza Navona, the 3 layer church of San Clemente with the home church from the 4th century, the old church from the 5th and the "new church" built in 1100's.
Not to be missed on your next trip to Rome is the birreria opened this year by Teo Musso to spotlight the artisanal beers of Italy and the world in the zone of Campo dei fiori.  It is hidden away in via degli specchi, but outside signs are easy to follow from the major streets.  There are over 40 beers on tap and more than 100 in bottle available to try with light and heavy appetizers, 3 levels, couches, barstools, you name it.  All done in a humorous style sure to please any beer fan.
Rome at night this time of year is beautiful and still comfortable with temps in the 50's and surprisingly, there are still (or perhaps there are always) lots of tourists.
Driving home to the Marche, it seems the italians are trying to pad the tax coffers with speed trap fines as there are now at least 4 autovelox (radar with cameras) on the Salaria with more sure to come.

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