Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Olive season is officially ended, Happy Thanksgiving

24 Novembre
Olive season 2010 is now officially ended.  I have cut 50,000 branches +/- from our 100 trees and Raffaele "Pyrolini" has been busy burning them.   The nice thing about olive trees is you can pretty much ignore them for 11 months of the year and God will take care of them for you.  A bit of rain, a lot of sunshine, not too many of the flies which lay their eggs inside the olives, a properly timed harvest and the oil just comes out pretty darn good.  Having said that, last years oil was much softer in style than this year and I couldn't tell you why.  This year the oil is just exceptional and I didn't do a thing differently.
Grazie al Dio, I only fell once during my tree climbing and no ribs were broken this year.  Once again, I highly recommend a bit of tree climbing for those of you who are baby boomers, it's a blast.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!
The photos are of a recent full moon, Bacco not playing nicely with the frisbee, Bacco in the zona Sentina refuge near Porto d'Ascoli and our olive press which is all done without exposure to oxygen with the latest in modern olive smashing technology.

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Richard said...

May your efforts result in reward, not just "heavenly" but also in the tangible. Fun to see how things are going. We are still enjoying last year's olive oil which made it home safe and sound.