Friday, November 19, 2010

Potatura, pruning of the olives. random thoughts and photos

Right now is olive tree pruning time.  I have another 42 trees to go and want to finish before I come back to the US.  I am studying my enology lessons from UCD and just finished assignment 3.  I am a bit sorry the class didn't start 3 weeks earlier as I am learning stuff that would have been useful for the fermentation.  The wines are all resting quietly and without problems.  We should get our barrels of various sizes in about 3 weeks and the wine will be transferred once again when they arrive.  Above are a couple of pictures of our surrounding countryside, the B&B from the east with the vineyard in the foreground and a couple of photos I have forgotten to show of a little gem called the Tempietto in Rome inside the church of St. Pietro di Montorio.  Well worth a visit and designed by the first architects of St. Peters cathedral.  Supposedly this was built on the site where Peter was crucified.  It is a perfect little building!  Also there is a doctored pic of Rome from the Gianicolo hill at near sunset. 
I have been having a ball this autumn with all the american guests from East coast to West and a bunch of friends from around KC.  Thanks everyone for visiting!  

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