Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bibenda-Assisi, grand opening, 35000 vines pruned

16 February, 2011
                                           Brenda pouring a white burgundy
Valentine's day for me was the day we finished pruning the vineyard; thus ends the 1st big job of the new year.  Next comes removing the old branches we cut and then when the sap starts flowing and the vines become flexible, we tie them to the wires.
On the weekend I took a little trip to Assisi to help celebrate the grand opening of the best wine bar in central Italy called Bibenda, which you can find just a half block from the major piazza.
The co-proprietors, Brenda and Nila have both completed the sommelier courses in Italy and have spent the last 2 years searching the wine growing regions of Europe to select some stellar wines for you which you can enjoy with appetizers like Norcia prosciutto, cheeses from all over Italy, salami from a clone of black pigs in Umbria, etc.  Or, you can buy a great bottle and have a picnic in the Umbrian countryside.
Graziano, Brenda's husband and fellow wine researcher

One of the beautiful wine shelves

Nila and Larry, an american visiting from Rome

The chef working on the salami from the free range black pigs
Addendum Nascondiglio di Bacco plug:
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Anonymous said...

I recently went to Assisi and accidentally fell upon Bibenda and immediately fell in love with bar the host the food and the service... I couldn't help but go back the next night to have a red wine and use the Internet to only be greeted with the same warmth service and great food....

Ten outta ten do not pass this one


Anonymous said...

Hey Australia... me too!
Unbelievble place, made to feel right at home and got to sample some incredible local wine with very generous helpings of bread, cheese, meats, olives and all sorts of curiosities thrown in.
Made our holiday
11 out of 10

New Zealand