Friday, June 10, 2011

Fraternal twins born at Nascondiglio di Bacco

10 June, 2010
After a little less than the normal 9 month gestation, I would like to present not only the newly fledged p s cantina but its newborn fraternal twins, Thalia and Aurai.  The former is a blend of 75% Montepulciano and 25% Syrah while his sister is 100% Pecorino.  Thalia, named for the god of comedy, weighed in at 13.5 and Aurai, goddess of the fresh breeze at 14.  They are dressed up with quasi matching outfits, a photo I took of a Cabernet Sauvignon leaf shown in true color on Aurai and photo-shopped rosso for her red brother Thalia.
p s has 2 meanings, post scriptum signifying life changes from one profession (the main body of my life's letter) to the 2nd part and also for Paolini, Stanford, the cognomi of the proprietors.
 I showed the new bottles around the place and the photos below show them taking in the sites of Nascondiglio di Bacco.

Hangin' at the pool

On the ledge looking south, the 500 y.o. part of the B&B

Looking out from room 5
Now, we can look at the "delivery room" and the personnel involved in their arrival.
Mobile bottling unit

The bottles need to be placed at the start of the conveyor belt, I volunteered wearing my 
"not all who wander are lost" t-shirt

1st bottle heading through and getting filled

1st bottle getting clothed

Raffaele ready to take the 1st photo of the newborn white

Finally, some evidence of the fruits of our labors.
It is a tradition to give the 1st bottle to someone important, so I gave Thalia to my neighbors who got us through the first year with all the organic treatments of the vines, tilling and planting of the soil and subsequently help with sage advice;  thanks Luigi and Tiziano, we couldn't have done it without you!
Give our new arrivals a couple of weeks to get over yesterday's spanking (bottle shock) and we will have them for sale.  Keep an eye out for the new fb page and friend us for a discount.

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