Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WIN BIG PRIZES! Design our 1st ever artist's wine label for the reserve wine

14 June, 2011
We are sending out a challenge to all artists to design our first ever reserve wine artist label alla Ch. Mouton or Kenwood.  Here are the rules: you may use any media: oil, watercolor, mixed media, photo, sculpture?, woodblock print, etc.  The winner gets a case of the reserve wine and a week stay at Nascondiglio di Bacco for as many as 4 people in one regular room or the apartment,  international fame, prestige, power, a chance to run for President of Italy etc.  (For those who prefer, we will give a cash prize of 200 euro instead of the B&B stay).  We get to keep the original and shamelessly market and sell any posters, t shirts, aprons, socks and underwear.  The only iron fast rule is we need to see some representation of Bacco in the artwork.  Deadline will be All Saint's Day, 2011 or November 1 as all good things in Italy must occur on a saint day and then we will utilize scientific analysis, Bacco's nose and a high degree of subjective preference to pick the winner.  For those who are like me and are artistically challenged, please pass this on to all the artists you know and thanks to all for participating!
To get you started, here are some photos of Bacco from today and days past; scroll back in the blog as far as 2008 to see many more.  The label will be used for either our bordeaux blend or our Offida Rosso which is a blend of Montepulciano and Cabernet Sauvignon and feel free to use your imagination.  There is no need to confine yourself to any particular theme, just let Bacco make an appearance somewhere inside the work. Good luck! 


Anna said...

I'm very excited! My mom forwarded this post to me, we're friends of the Sweeney's. Here's a sneak peek at my sketchbook, but there's still a long way to go before I ship it all to Italy!



I have a couple of questions. 1. Can one person submit multiple pieces? and 2. Do you want any writing on the image, like the name of the wine, or will you be adding that kind of thing later on?

Dwight said...

You are our first! Great start and thanks so much, you can submit as many as you want as we may use more than one artist label and no writing is necessary, we want to keep the logo consistent with the other bottles. dwight