Thursday, February 09, 2012

Nascondiglio in the worst snow in 50+ years

9 Feb. 2012
For those of my blog followers who don't get to see my Facebook pictures which I post frequently, here is the situation in the southern Marche.  Offida has received a bunch of snow, enough to keep me shut in the place for a week.  Yesterday was shut-in day 6 and I put chains on the car and was able to get to the little market 3 km up the road and stock up for the next round of snow forecast for this weekend.  I have been here since spring 2007 and have never seen the temperatures this low.  We rarely get below freezing, but this year a "mediterranean cyclone" arrived with freezing weather and precipitation from somewhere around the Arctic.  I have no central heat, as the tubes for the radiators have frozen, and the water pressure is almost nil as of last night.  The water lines to the winery burst, spewing water all over the road and I must say,  I don't have it nearly as bad as those in the northern Marche, where roofs are collapsing under the weight of their snow and friends in Tuscany, some of whom have been without water for days.  I am surviving with little portable electric heater fans which follow me to whatever room I camp in.  Enjoy the photos!
Good news for me, the heater guys just came and I now have central heat for the first time this winter!  They also fixed 2 broken water lines outside the winery.  This country is just not made for cold weather.


Bob Hamilton said...

Dwight, Stay warm my friend. Thank you for sharing your life there with all of us. Your photos and messages are wonderful.

Bob Hamilton said...

Dwight, stay warm..maybe try some more chili peppers. Thank you for sharing your life through pictures and words with us all.