Saturday, February 11, 2012

A walk to the winery to see the view with the snow from higher up.

11 Feb 2012
I have my own private snowplow called Bacco and he "mostly" led me up to the winery to show you the views from a bit higher.
My snowplow on the way to the winery from the B&B at full speed.

My road, guess I will be here a while; look at the car below

The weight of the snow snapped this large branch on one of my neighbor's trees.  I pruned early, so mine seem ok.

Previous road work done by Bacco

Looking back, you get an idea the amount I received.


Looking into the vineyard

This is one of my new transplanted olive trees, smushed by the weight of the snow.

Starting his first snow fort

View SW from the tasting room

View WNW from the tasting room

The view to the SE from the big window overlooking the whole vineyard

South to the B&B

Zoomed down to the Pecorino vines and the oak tree

Incredible view from here

From the kitchen window looking east

Same window, SE

From the terrace looking W


Bacco's first snow fort

Snowplow heading back

Merlot vines and Frantoio olive trees in the distance


Alfonso Cevola said...

Jees louise. I have been looking at webcams in your area . You really got hit hard. Thanks for sharing

Deika Elmi said...

Great photos Dwight, and your dog looks like he is truly having a blast. Beautiful winterscapes.

siste said...

Ciao Dwight,Raffaele e Bacco, siamo Stefano eSilvia e esiamo stati da voi due settimane a Luglio, che belle le foto con tutta quella neve, veramente suggestive le colline intorno a voi!

Dwight said...

Ciao Stefano e Silvia, Venite! ci sono le camere diponibile :). Portate gli sci e racchette!