Sunday, March 02, 2008

70 degree Sunday

2 marzo
Bacco is getting bigger and more in love with water. Yesterday we took a long walk along contrada Ciafone and into the woods. He enjoyed frolicking in the creek, eating artichoke flowers and running in the woods.
Today we host our 2nd olive oil lesson and tasting and have 8 people signed up.
Congrats to our friend Adrian who has been hired as restaurant critic for San Francisco for Gourmet magazine. Quite an honor for one of our old UNISG classmates.
We reached 70 degrees this afternoon and instead of doing a rain dance, I washed 2 cars and made sure the z4 still runs.
March 11 is the day I return to the Questura's office in Ascoli to get my temporary visa and then I can come back to the states and try to get my real visa from the boys in Chicago while doing taxes, retrieving my laptop and other fun stuff.
Enjoy the fotos from my walk. These poor flowers are going to get hit hard Wed. when it goes below freezing again. Some of them I am not familiar, so anyone who recognizes the green one, for example, let me know what type it is.

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Lorie said...

The green flower may belong to the Euphorbia genus. I can't id the species as there are over 1000 of them.