Thursday, March 06, 2008

rainy days and thursdays always get me down....

6 marzo
Our rootstock arrived day yesterday and it hasn't stopped raining since. Now our agronomo is happy because the ground will be wet before planting (overrated!), but it is too wet to get in there and start.... maybe sat or sunday, chissa? (who knows?)
We lost electricity for 8 hours yesterday, so I cooked fish in the fireplace. I felt a bit like a contadino of old mixed with a bit of Abe Lincoln (reading by firelight).
Today, I began a massive cleaning of the office, and rooms I frequent, like my room and b.r. and the kitchen. I am not embarrassed anymore, so you can come visit.
Bacco doesn't like being penned up with the bad weather and has taken to eating cd's in the car and plastic pots here, among other unmentionable which dogs tend to eat. We need some exercise!
Travel agent Dwight made plans to visit the USA last night with an appt at the italian consulate in Chicago the morning of March 20th. Wish me luck.. If anyone sees Mike Fedotin, ask him where I should eat the night of the 19th.
Then, I am off to St Louis to see the bro and sis-in-law and family and maybe take in an Easter service where I can take communion!
Planning on visiting KC to do taxes and if I am lucky with the timing, I can join Jasper for the 1st ever tasting of Jamon Iberico in Kansas City... You have to go way back in my blogging past to see my post describing this special type of cured meat from Spain and my prediction of its eventual acceptance by the FDA. Good news for the rich; it is now legal.. Join us thursday the 27th in KC and try also Serrano, Prosciuttos from Parma and San Daniele.
Denver is a big maybe this time, but if Chicago is tardy with awarding my visa, I may be in the states a while! I hope not. I have work to do back here.
The pix are of a field near us which reminded of me of the Wizard of OZ with its great fragrance.. not poppies and no flying monkees, however.
The last 2 show my planting experience in Sicily last year. hoping to repeat that soon.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are doing some spring house cleaning, building a pool, and developing your olive orchard and vineyard. Sounds like you, Bacco, co-owner of B&B, and the noisy bird have found a wonderful home.

from sunny Casa Vista, California