Thursday, March 13, 2008

new garden and 25,000 plants in the ground

13 marzo.
we are trying to make our little garden look better as i said, as well as spruce up the balconies a bit with new hanging flower containers. Here is a preview of our work in progress. It is changing every day.
Today, the planters finished planting all of the montepulciano; a bit over 6400 vines, and started on Syrah. Tomorrow they will tackle the rest of the Syrah and then petit verdot and perhaps a bit of cab. franc.
A bit of excitement here at N. di Bacco!

16 march
Happy Palm Sunday to everyone. We now are about 3/4 planted with about 25,000 barbatelle in the ground. The vines we have planted include Cab. Sauv., Syrah, Montepulciano, Petit Verdot and Cab. Franc. We lack about half of the cab. franc and syrah and the merlot and pecorino. I am still hoping they will finish before Tuesday when the next rains arrive. I have just about finished the garden and the balconies and have weedeaten (is that a word?) our acre of land around the house.
I went to 2 services for palm sunday and in the churches here, they use olive branches instead of palm fronds. Interesting. They also recounted all of Matthew's gospel from the entry of Jesus in Jerusalem to the crucifixion which was appropriate, since I just read all of that gospel last week.
Today is the antique market in Ascoli as is every 3rd weekend, so we are off to visit that today after lunch. I am trying to get in the mood for packing as I leave here in less than 3 days.
The trees here are starting to leaf out as Spring nears!

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